A Simple Object Can Help a Story Come Alive

Using a simple object will help children connect to a Bible story like nothing else.  A couple of weeks back I taught lesson 35 from the Gospel Story New Testament Curriculum – Jesus Arrested.  Rather than teach from one of the Gospels as my primary text, I used Isaiah’s prophetic foretelling of the arrest from Isaiah 53:7.  Isaiah predicted the arrest of Jesus when he said, “like a lamb that is led to the slaughter, and like a sheep that before its shearers is silent, so he opened not his mouth.”

My prop for the lesson was three feet of braided jute fiber cord.  First, I used the cord as I spoke of how a shepherd would tie a rope to a lamb to lead  it off to be sacrificed.  I stretched the cord between my hands, holding my left hand low and pretended to lead a lamb as I spoke about the innocent animal following along to its sacrifice.

Then I transitioned to talk about Jesus.  I coiled up the same cord, held it out for the kids to see, and said.  This same cord was all that was needed to capture the Son of God, who willingly went to his slaughter, like the lamb.  Finally I compared the two sacrifices helping the children see that Jesus’ sacrifice for sin was our perfect sacrifice.  Each time I held up the cord, the children’s attention was focused on the story in an incredible way.

The cord helped them see how both the lamb and Jesus were being led to their deaths and made it easier for me to make the connection.  Objects, like this simple rope, give the children something to focus on and will help you hold their attention longer.