Wow! All From a Little Mustard Seed!

I’ve got a bonus object lesson for you.   This past Sunday I taught lesson #19, “The Hidden Treasure,” from the Gospel Story Curriculum.  I was fascinated by the Mustard Seed parable and decided to use it as the basis of my lesson.


Mustard seeds are quite small, which is the first point of the parable. They are not much bigger than the round sprinkles you use to decorate cookies.  But once they sprout, they grow into a small tree, which is the second point of the parable.  I did a search for “mustard seed photo” on the Internet and came across a picture of a man standing next to a grove of mustard plants that looked to be 18 feet tall!


I purchased a bottle of mustard seeds and when I offered to give one to each person in the class, you would have thought I was giving them gold!  For the lesson, I recounted the growth of the first church from the twelve disciples through to the multitudes of people, from every nation, worshipping around the throne in Revelation.  After each step I had the kids hold up their mustard seed and say, “Wow!  All from a little mustard seed.”


I’ve attached a link to the file so you can use this object lesson to teach your kids.